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Videx 4820 LCD display/Voice 4000 Series module

The module will work with the 4837, 4838, 4832 and 4833 (VK4K) amplifier modules. Working in conjunc..

£281.07 Ex VAT £337.28 Inc VAT

Videx 4830/4830C 4000 Series mono and colour camera module

Camera modules for coax & non-coax video systemsIt can be used with coax video systems ..

£580.54 Ex VAT £696.65 Inc VAT

Videx 4832 colour camera modules with built-in speaker

Videx 4000 series colour camera modules with built-in speaker in stainless steel and aluminiumBo..

£624.48 Ex VAT £749.38 Inc VAT

Videx 4837 Speaker unit for audio & video door entry systems

4000 Series Speak Unit Front Panel ModulesThe audio speaker unit module is the basic part to bui..

£80.31 Ex VAT £96.37 Inc VAT

Videx 4840 blank module

4000 series blanking module - stainless steel for modular door panels. Also available in aluminium f..

£19.46 Ex VAT £23.35 Inc VAT

Videx 4846 information module

4000 series rear lit information module for modular door panels.Suitable for House name or operating..

£26.78 Ex VAT £32.14 Inc VAT

Videx 4846/IND induction coil module

To meet equality/DDA requirements, this module adds an induction loop to a 4000 Series panel so that..

£406.04 Ex VAT £487.25 Inc VAT

Videx 4851/2/3 flush mount backbox & front support

The front support is available in 1, 2 and 3 module versions and includes:- The flush back box ..

£46.68 Ex VAT £56.02 Inc VAT

Videx 500TS Infra red touch sensitive remote control

Infra red remote control for 500MM apartment station. Used with the 500MM apartment station this all..

£121.38 Ex VAT £145.66 Inc VAT

Videx 506/T 12/24v DIN boxed universal timed relay

Boxed 12/24v ac/dc relay outputs are 2 x single pole changeover rated at 240v 5 amps. It also includ..

£42.26 Ex VAT £50.71 Inc VAT

Videx 512A wall mount extension sounder

Extension sounder with 45 Ohm speaker in a wall mountable white ABS plastic box. Requires an externa..

£16.10 Ex VAT £19.32 Inc VAT

Videx 512D extension speaker for digital system VX2200

- Extension Sounder for digital system VX2200.- Is connected directly to the “2 Wire Bus”.- ..

£50.86 Ex VAT £61.03 Inc VAT

Videx 512E 12Vac/dc boxed extension sounder with tone generator

Extension sounder with built in call tone generator [Dimensions 110mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 30mm(D)]For use..

£32.64 Ex VAT £39.17 Inc VAT

Videx 512R 12Vac boxed extension buzzer for AC kits

Extension buzzer for the 4+1 range of kits [Dimensions 110mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 30mm(D)] ..

£12.40 Ex VAT £14.88 Inc VAT

Videx 537/C 8dc panel speaker unit for VR panels

Replacement amplifier for vandal resistant and polished brass door panels. Operates from a 8 - 12V d..

£50.40 Ex VAT £60.48 Inc VAT