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Video Entry Parts

Video Entry Parts
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Videx 316 balanced video 4 way splitter

4 way non coaxial (Balanced video) video splitter for all non coaxial video systems. Includes termin..

£25.73 Ex VAT £30.88 Inc VAT

Videx 3980 videophone wall mounting plate

Wall mounting plate plus pcb connection board for 3000 series videophones. Required one each videoph..

£11.52 Ex VAT £13.82 Inc VAT

Videx 401 balanced to composite video converter

This unit converts a signal from Videx balanced video (Non-coax) cameras to a composite video signal..

£17.95 Ex VAT £21.54 Inc VAT

Videx 401-1 composite to balanced non-coax video converter

- This unit converts a standard 1v peak to peak CCTV camera signal to a non coaxial signal for use w..

£16.38 Ex VAT £19.66 Inc VAT

Videx 512A wall mount extension sounder

Extension sounder with 45 Ohm speaker in a wall mountable white ABS plastic box. Requires an externa..

£10.39 Ex VAT £12.47 Inc VAT

Videx 512D extension speaker for digital system VX2200

- Extension Sounder for digital system VX2200.- Is connected directly to the “2 Wire Bus”.- ..

£32.83 Ex VAT £39.40 Inc VAT

Videx 512E 12Vac/dc boxed extension sounder with tone generator

Extension sounder with built in call tone generator [Dimensions 110mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 30mm(D)]For use..

£21.06 Ex VAT £25.27 Inc VAT

Videx 512R 12Vac boxed extension buzzer for AC kits

Extension buzzer for the 4+1 range of kits [Dimensions 110mm(W) x 70mm(H) x 30mm(D)] ..

£8.00 Ex VAT £9.60 Inc VAT

Videx 537/C 8dc panel speaker unit for VR panels

Replacement amplifier for vandal resistant and polished brass door panels. Operates from a 8 - 12V d..

£32.52 Ex VAT £39.02 Inc VAT

Videx 5980 ECLIPSE mounting plate with PCB connector

Includes connection PCB. This part is supplied separate to the videophone to allow first fixing on i..

£11.52 Ex VAT £13.82 Inc VAT

Videx 5981 flush kit for 5000 Series monitors

Flush backbox kit for eclipse monitors. Kit includes surface frame mounting rails and backbox. ..

£16.22 Ex VAT £19.46 Inc VAT

Videx 5983 flush mounting kit for Eclipse handsfree video monitors

- Flush mounting kit (for dry line walls) for hands-free eclipse video monitors (except Art.5412) co..

£16.22 Ex VAT £19.46 Inc VAT

Videx 701T BST/GMT digital time clock

- Digital time clock with built in automatic BST/GMT correction, tradesmans button, dry contact rela..

£62.44 Ex VAT £74.93 Inc VAT

Videx 8837M speaker microphone unit with call button options

Speaker module for 800 series kits- 0/1/2 button amplifier module for the EK range of kitsTh..

£55.07 Ex VAT £66.08 Inc VAT

Videx CAB2 Lockable cabinet 266mm x 360mm x 75mm

Lockable wall mount cabinet for internal use. [DIMENSIONS: 266mm(H) x 360mm(W) x 75mm(D)] ..

£56.53 Ex VAT £67.84 Inc VAT