Videx 521B power supply for intercom systems

Videx 521B power supply for intercom systems

- Input 230Vac, Output 13.5Vdc 0.8A continuous (1A pulsed) and 13.5Vac 1.6A (pulsed).

- In a standard 9 modules A type DIN box (157.50 mm).

The power supply Art.521B is a 240Vac mains input and has two outputs: 13,5 Vdc normally used to supply the front panels and 13.5 Vac specifically for electric locks. To maintain power of the 13,5 Vdc output in case of mains failure, a back-up rechargeable battery

. This battery should be a 12Amp hour 12v SLA type. A link is fitted between the terminals. By removing this link a switch can be fitted between these terminals to turn on and off the output 13.5Vdc. In case of mains failure, the back-up battery starts working to keep the output 13Vdc constant. The standby period of the battery varies according to the type used and to the load connected to this unit. When the power of the battery decreases more than 15% in its nominal value (battery discharged), the logic controller deactivates the 13.5Vdc output automatically (to avoid battery depletion).

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